Graphics resource

Finding free graphics online is not easy, quite rightly artists expect to be paid for the hard work…trouble is I don’t like paying! If I get around to it I’ll knock together a list of the decent free game art sources I’ve found in recent times, but for now here’s just the one… is a new(ish) site created by Fabio Monzani, but already contains some really quality 2D and 3D game art. I’ve been in contact with Fabio recently and he is planning to release further 3D models in the near future, so this is definitely one to watch folks!

Tiled map editor

I’ve been using this for some while now so thought I’d post the link, so those of you that haven’t already taken advantage of it can do so. It’s a standalone tile map editor that is stupidly easy to use and thanks to Nick Gravelyn’s excellent TiledLib library, stupidly easy to incorporate into your XNA projects.

Whilst it’s nice to develop your own range of development tools, I’m a big believer in making life easy for yourself where you can! Sure I could write my own tile engine in XNA or Winforms, but I couldn’t do it this well and it would take me an age…time that could be better spent on other areas of my projects.

Anyway check out Tiled and Nick’s superb library, they’re both really rather good! 🙂

XNA Tutorials

So my first XNA related post is a link to the awesome 2D & 3D tutorial series available at These tutorials have helped me heaps, especially when getting to grips with 3D for the first time as I’m doing now! Most are written in XNA 3.1, however if you look through the forum posts for each tutorial there are 4.0 conversions for some.

Another very good tutorial site is RB Whittaker’s Wiki, with a good number of 2D and 3D tutorials for those taking their first steps into the exciting world of XNA game development.